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March 1, 2011 / clinerose

She had me at “chip”…

This time last year, I was rummaging through the racks at the Holland & Sherry showroom and spotted something out of the corner of my eye: a beautifully designed ampersand surrounded by a fuchsia border. Graphic fonts and bright colors? Like a moth to a flame. I had to investigate. To my surprise, amongst all the wool menswear inspired fabrics that Holland &  Sherry is known for, staring straight back at me were the immensely happy and colorful fabrics of Amanda Nisbet Designs. I fell in love hard and fast with a few patterns right off the bat. It’s hard not to. The first being “chip”. I meant it when I said; she had me at “chip”. Another all time favorite is the “alannah” fabric which Amanda Nisbet Designs was gracious enough to allow me use for my blog background, shown in salt on oyster linen (Hands down the best part of my blog so far. I smile whenever I see it). Now, without further ado…

Meet “chip”

chip-cherry-on-oatmeal-linen chip-salt-on-oatmeal-linen

chip-2-lillipop chip-kiwi-on-oatmeal-linen

and “airdrie”

airdrie-bluebell-on-silk airdrie-blueberry-on-silk

and “annie”

annie-in-plum annie-in-limone

annie-in-cherry annie-in-beautyberry

and finally “francesca”.

francesca-blueberry-crumbles-on-oyster francesca-in-berrylicious-on-oyster-linen


And if that’s not enough, the interior design work created by Amanda and her team is even better. Believe it. The whimsical and playful elements are anchored by deep neutrals, giving each space the proper balance of color and texture. Each item is carefully selected to create a custom blend of traditional and modern, right down to the lighting fixtures. Each chandelier is screaming with sophistication, yet in each room it feels so effortless.


Transitional family room with rustic elements and bright accents


Green and brown twin bedroom Natural wood accents with purple prints


Neutral Living space with aqua accents


Kitchen with lucite barstool and drum chandeliers Bedroom with chocolate walls, citrus accents and globe chandelier


Colorful living space with punchy accents and pink lantern Green and gray with gold accents


So, I have to say that the shots from Amanda’s home in NYC, featured in House Beautiful, are what I am drawn to the most. Could it be because of my obsession with seeing where fabulous people eat, sleep and live? Yes. But in this case,  it’s because of how inviting Amanda’s home is.  It’s a little bit fancy and a little bit comfy all rolled in to one (okay, a lotta comfy). Perfect for the needs and wants of today’s family. I love that there is no rug in the dining room and it still looks so polished and pulled together.


Transitional neutral with pops of red and yellow


Transitional neutral with pops of red and pink


pink wallpaper with bright white bath fixtures Deep cream bed with hot pink and drapery headboard


These fabrics and interior photos just make it all the more clear that I need some sunshine in my life. It is March, after all. Time to get serious, spring.  I’m ready for you. It’s official. I am going to retire my heavy coat and start wearing only bright colored pashminas, hoping that winter takes notice and jumps on the first bus right out of town. Join my boycott, won’t you?!


Photos via  Amanda Nisbet Design and House Beautiful.


P.S. For the record, Holland & Sherry is equally as amazing. Stay tuned to learn more!


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