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March 4, 2011 / clinerose

I want to go to there.

Last night I was surfing through my usual blogroll and came across this drop dead gorgeous home on Full House. It doesn’t even need an introduction, it’s THAT good. I will say that the home is located in Croatia and the interiors spaces are designed with chic modern pieces. Not what you would expect from a such a cottage-esqe looking home.

Croatia exterior shot on the water

Stone exterior with shutters peaking into mod living space

Just a little sneak peak inside. A teaser of sorts. Now, pick your jaw up off the floor and head over to Full House to see the rest of the pics. Also, the author has special ties to this region of Croatia which is always nice to read. I really appreciate the personal connections bloggers have with certain posts. For me, this one is just pretty, so I will let Full House take it from here. I would suggest spending some time browsing the rest of the blog, it’s a good one! Lots of delicious eye candy for you on this spectacular Friday! Enjoy!

Click here to read more: me likely {home in croatia}

All photos via Full House via Here


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