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March 8, 2011 / clinerose

Trina Turk Preview and Trunk Show Part 1

It’s no secret that I have been excited about attending the Trina Turk show at the DC Design Center, especially if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I think I set an all time record tweeting about my anticipation leading up to this day. The event showcased Trina’s indoor/outdoor fabric collection for Schumacher along with her jewelry, clothing and bags from local retailers. I didn’t even realize there would be other products there besides the fabric collection. It was a nice surprise. I guess when I opened the invite,  I stopped reading to RSVP as soon as I saw ” indoor/outdoor spring collection preview”.  Say no more, Schumacher. Say no more. Despite all the eye candy (and actual candy) the fabric displays were still the highlight for me, and what I was most excited to blog about. I did have every intention of beginning this post with the fabrics but after sorting though my pictures I changed my mind. I think the other goodies, the fashion related ones, tell a better story.  Trina Turk’s story.

I once read that Trina’s main source of inspiration when launching her fashion house was the photograph of the Kaufman House by Slim Aarons. It’s killer. The quintessential photo depicting the the poolside and cocktail party lifestyle of the 60s. Well, the photo was shot in 1970 but I always think of the 60s when I think of this photo. This photo, and all it represents, has clearly influenced Trina and her aesthetic. It’s evident in all her work.

Trina Turk bags and ottoman Trina Turk make up bag and tote

Trina Turk tote bags

Trina Turk Jewelry from Charm1 Trina Turk bracelets from Charm

Trina Turk necklace from charm

Trina Turk clothing from Wink 2 Trina Turk clothing from Wink 1

I have never been to Palm Springs or Palm Desert or Palm anything (I’m a Northern, CA girl at heart) but you can rest assured that WHEN I do go, I will be rocking that stellar block necklace with the gold tassels. They only had the white version on display but I covet the black. It belongs with me. It’s probably best it wasn’t there because I would have put it on and not taken it off. Instead I became accquainted with the rose gold block bracelet and rocked it throughout most of the show. Vintage jewelry (even if it’s new) is a weakness of mine.


Chocolates 3

Chocolates 2 Chocolates 1

I had to snap some pictures of the food. In addition to what’s shown in the photos above, they also had pizza. Please note: This is the polar opposite of the California poolside and cocktail party lifestyle! Couldn’t be a bigger contradiction. Not so much the alcohol, but definitely the chocolate and pizza! Totally wrong.

In addition to Schumacher, a special thanks to Wink and Charm for sponspering the event! I couldn’t find a website for Charm so here is their contact info.



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  1. Sarah / Mar 8 2011 9:09 PM

    Ahhhh, love Trina Turk! Such gorgeous stuff AND they had sweet treats there?! I totally should have gone with you! 🙂 You didn’t happen to bring me back any pillows in the Super Paradise Print in Punch, did you? 😉

    • clinerose / Mar 9 2011 12:05 PM

      Aww man! I pulled you the “pool” sample!! I thought that was the one you liked!! Shoot! And yes you should have come!! Next time!


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