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March 10, 2011 / clinerose

Well, Well, Wellies

It’s a gross rainy Thursday here in DC. I couldn’t be less inspired. Seriously. Gloom city. The only thing that is not dark and dreary are my bookcases. Why? Because of my fabulous new bookends that I bought from Home Goods over the weekend when trying to find a garden stool for a client’s Living Room. I love these bookends for a lot of reasons, one of them being that they are a shiny white, but mostly because they are tiny little boots! How adorable is that?!? It makes me happy just to type about them.

Shiny white boot bookends

Anyone that knows me knows I have a serious crush on Hunter rain boots. I have them sitting by my front door at all times, almost as a piece of art, except on days like this when it’s more than necessary to slip them on.  I have also used my boots as a prop in a photo shoot.  And I am not the only one. Hunter wellies, other rain boots or any tall boots in general have been making their way into print lately,  adding a personal touch and lived-in feel to each interior.

Here they are in my house:

Green wellies by my front door

And in others:

emersonmade foyer via design sponge cheetah coar with large red flower CRD_The Kline House-9963

chevron wall with plaid boots via pinterest Settee with row of rain boots

Wellie Storage with black lab White bedroom with striped bedspread and red boots

Windsor Smith foyer with hermes boxes White end table, ladder and green rain boots via citified

sethsmoot foyer with little lavendar boots Turquoise walls with rows of boots

Now, if you’ll excuse me (and my wellies),we have to brave the outdoors to head to a meeting. While I am out, I have some errands to run in preparation for our trip tomorrow! YES!  Take me home, country roads!!

Photo credits:

First two are mine: Sorry for the poor quality. There is no sunlight today which makes for yucky pictures.

Cheetah Coat with Red Poppy: Emersonmade via DesignSponge, Green Wellies: Cline Rose Designs, Chevron Walls: Pinterest, Settee with Row of Boots: Dress Design Decor, Black Dog: Green Wellies Tumblr, Striped Bedspread: Pass the Parcel, Orange Hermes: Windsor Smith, White Room with Green Boots: This is Glamorous, Little Lavender Boots: Seth Smoot, Turqouise Wall: Country Living UK

A couple of these photos are from Pinterest and Tumblr accounts so let me know if you have additional sources. I would be happy to credit further. Thanks so much!



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  1. domestikatedlife / Mar 10 2011 11:49 AM

    Really cute bookends. I like those big silver jax too!

    • clinerose / Mar 10 2011 12:26 PM

      Thank you! I love that piece too. I saw it in an antique store years ago and had to have it. Reminds me of playing with me mom! Onsies, twosies:) Thanks for the comment!

    • clinerose / Mar 10 2011 12:40 PM

      Your blog is so cute, Domestikate!! So glad you wrote! More blog eye candy to look through! Thanks again!

  2. Megan Laporte / Mar 10 2011 3:15 PM

    Had my wellies on this AM to take out the D-O-Double Gs. Shane does not understand why I get to leave my boots by the door and his shoes have to go in the closet. Thanks for the pictures to support my argument.

    • clinerose / Mar 10 2011 3:24 PM

      You are most welcome! They are little works of art!! Although, I feel Shane is going to have a serious counter attack ready to go if you tell him that 😉

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