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March 11, 2011 / clinerose

Tahoe or Bust!

We’re outta here!! David and I are heading to his parents to celebrate a very belated Christmas with his family. I am so excited.  David and I have an extra special bond to this region for lots of reasons. We both have roots that run deep in the Bay Area, we were engaged and married in and around Lake Tahoe and now his parents are there.

Tahoe final poster David and Joanna wedding invite


This poster was designed by my big bro, Tony Fletcher, and is actually part of our wedding invites. A large travel poster (about 12″x18″) that accompanied a faux plane ticket to CA with the details of our special day. That’s supposed to be David and I on a bike, although I think it looks nothing like me (it looks EXACTLY like David!) and I would never ride a bike like that. The first draft of this poster had me wearing the worst green striped hat. The WORST. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t stand it. Fashion suicide, I said. This resulted in hours of me standing over my brother’s shoulder critiquing how my hair was parted while he drew in my ponytail on the computer. But I love it now, Brother, thank you! My brother and sister and their spouses were nice enough to blow this up and frame it for us as a wedding gift. I would say it’s about 4’x6′ but I know my sister will comment on this post if I am wrong. Eh, Meg? The poster hangs in our Dining Room and it’s one of my favorite things. A special reminder of our wedding day, our families and of course, Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe looks nothing like that now. There will be no bike riding. I heard they have 90″ of snow. 90″. Makes for good skiing. I wouldn’t know because I don’t ski. My plan is to look adorable sitting at the ski lodge while drinking hot chocolate overflowing with marshmallows.  I will be checking in a bit to share our adventures but I have a feeling the posts will be short and sweet, so forgive me. I have some serious vacationing to do!! Thanks and Happy Friday everyone!!



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