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March 16, 2011 / clinerose

Happy 5th Birthday, Kevin!

Donuts are my nephew’s most favorite thing and instead of birthday cake, he requests birthday donuts. My kind of guy. It’s not uncommon for his little tiny self to polish off two giant glazed donuts before we finish singing “Happy Birthday.”

honeyandjam donuts and coffee butterflyfoodie lemon and pale pink donuts with coffee

raesin tumblr dozen pink and chocolate donuts

simplesong typepad pink donuts Whisk Kid Blog pink donut with bite missing

This is my nephew, Kevin (also known as the birthday boy), about 2 years ago diving face first into a muffin. It’s not a donut but you get the idea.

Kevin Muffin man

Great, now I am hungry.


Photo credits: Honey and Jam, Butterfly Food (lots of other great donut shots on this blog!!), Raesin and Whisk Kid; Photo of Kevin taken by my brother, Tony Fletcher.


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