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March 21, 2011 / clinerose

Secrets From a Stylish Graphic Designer

I finally caught this weeks episode of Secrets From a Stylist on HGTV staring Emily Henderson. This episode, like the ones before it, did not disappoint. Secrets From a Stylist is quickly becoming my favorite show and I look forward to tuning in each week. Thank goodness for DVR. There was a particular buzz in the days leading up to this episode because of the featured guests clients: Joy and Bob Cho. Joy is a graphic designer and author of Oh Joy!, a blog dedicated to design, fashion and food. It’s a must read. It’s beautifully done. Bob is not a comedian although he plays one on TV!

If that’s not impressive enough, turns out Joy has also designed a line of wallpaper for Hygge and West. And wouldn’t you know, it happens to be the wallpaper that Emily selected to adorn the walls of the Cho’s Living Room! Coincidence? I think not. Regardless, I think it was a pretty genius move by Emily. Because it’s awesome? Yes. But also because it is familiar and personal to the client. Introducing wallpaper without a clients approval is pretty gutsy but in this case it’s a perfect fit. I mean hey, it’s obvious the client already likes it! The client designed it!

Take a look at the mood board that Emily created showing the main design elements of the Cho’s new Living Room:

Mood board for Joy Cho Living Room SFAS


The shimmery wallpaper, Petal Pusher, shown in white and gold, is located in the top right corner of the board. Isn’t it fun? I love metallic anything. Other colors ways, as well as different wallpaper styles designed by Joy, are available for purchase on Hygge and West’s website. Happy shopping!

You can read more about Emily’s design on her blog, Style by Emily Henderson.

Photo Credit: Style by Emily Henderson


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