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March 22, 2011 / clinerose

Antlers All Around.

While on vacation last week, David’s sister, Sherry, and I went on a little shopping trip into town. We were on a mission to tackle any and all antique and “junk” stores within a 30 mile radius of Gardnerville, NV. We also desperately wanted to track down cowboy boots but this part of the shopping trip was unsuccessful and extremely disappointing. Best not bring it up. Anyway, we called our little spree a “girl day” although that was basically just a clever name we used in an effort to keep Lily, David’s 5 year old niece, excited and engaged while we bounced from store to store. For the record, antique stores out west are unbelievably cool. If you are ever on vacation anywhere out there (or live there!) I would recommend popping into a store or two. Everything is so well preserved. I found all kinds of goodies (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!) but I have to say my favorite item was a pair of antlers I bought for $34.00.  Yes, you read correctly. I bought them.  That’s huge for me as I am a chronic window shopper.

Antlers from NV

Most of David’s family made fun of my purchase and I believe some even referred to them as gross. BUT, it turns out my purchase was spot on because I found a bunch of fabulous examples of stylish interiors displaying deer antlers of all shapes and sizes after doing a quick search. Jokes on you, haters. Well, actually, jokes on the TSA agent who performed the security check on my luggage and discovered pointy antlers wrapped inside 2 t-shirts and a Northface fleece.

House Beautiful Blue Walls with white antlers

Melanie Acevedo via Style File white walls and art Emmas Design blog via Style Files white walls and milk crates

Jenna Lyons has antlers in her house. No big deal.

Jenna Lysons DR from Domino via Brown Button

Nero Chronicles Neutral guest room with antlers

Antlers as a clutch holder? Don’t mind if I do!

Birch and bird bright blue wall dining room the covetuer via inside the loop antler clutch blue walls and orange red chairs

And now the fun really begins. Now, I get to run around the house and figure out how and where to mount them! Project! I don’t want to put them in a place that is TOO noticeable. I think I want them above a doorway somewhere. Maybe over the door leading in to my office? Definitely some place high and out of the main traffic areas where someone is bound to lose an eye. Plus, my extended family is from western PA where displaying dead animals is commonplace so I don’t want our home to look like a hunting cabin. We can’t have that now can we. This could be a slippery slope for me though. It’s in my blood, after all.

I will definitely let you know when my antlers find a permanent home and of course you can count on photos!

Photo credits: Mine, House Beautiful, Melanie Acevedo via Style File, EmmasBlogg via Style File, Domino via Brown Button, Nero Chronicles, Birch and Bird via Mixr, The Covetuer and Beach Studios.


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