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March 23, 2011 / clinerose

Antiquing in Nevada during our “girl day”.

In yesterday’s post, Antlers All Around, I mentioned how fabulous the antique stores are out west because everything is so well preserved. Here are my two theories as to why that is: 1) The dry weather allows for most pieces to age gracefully, with little to no rust or deterioration. 2) Even though they are antiques, the pieces are much newer than say ones that have had to survive an extra 100 years. For example, Nevada become a state during the 1860’s vs. states in the Mid-Atlantic which have been around since the late 1700’s. Okay, enough with the history lesson. My point is this makes for some spectacular antique shopping. Lots of eye candy around every turn. I tend to gravitate toward things that would work in my clients homes and photograph well, such as large scale, colorful and/or graphic pieces. Let’s have a look at what I found, shall we?

Colorful outdoor chairs and a fantastic neon sign belonging to the Overland Hotel (not for sale but could resist taking the picture):

Orange and Blue outdoor chairs Over land Hotel Sign

MORE ANTLERS! They really are all around!! And a light blue rotary phone. Funny how that’s considered an antique now!

Antlers on table Light blue rotary phone

Vintage pin-ups (Rated PG, don’t worry) and wallpaper borders thrown into a leather suitcase. I was more excited about the display and the faded red packaging, though.

Vintage pin up girls Red borders with pretty packaging

Mexican blankets (Navajo print knock-offs, not the real deal) and a bunch of crystal door knobs.

Mexican blankets Vintage crystal door knobs

Black and white print of a large hutch adorned with gold garland and two big, fat green and blue birds which reminded me of Gustav Klimt’s paintings.

Black and white and gold framed picture Green and blue birds

Rows and rows of leather bound books with beautiful spines and a fun print of a flirty lady in a flowy white dress. Check our her shoes!

Antique books Vintage picture of girl in white dress

Giant road sign directing traffic to Heavenly Ski Resort (but in this case it’s pointing straight up to the sky which is still appropriate) and brass pots and planters in all shapes and sizes.

Heavenly road sign Rows of brass pots

Overall, I’d say we had a pretty successful day. David’s sister Sherry went home with a cook book edited by some famous chef or food critic or someone  (Sher, chime in here), a wooden rolling pin to add to her collection and a cookie tin with elaborate beading. Lily did not go home empty handed either. She picked out a beautiful hand stitched embroidered apron to wear when she helps her mom, Sherry, in the Kitchen. Can you tell they like to cook?? Not me. Ha! I don’t even own a rolling pin.

Heirloom Antiques, the store where Sherry found most of her culinary wonders is in fact pretty awesome. I was so impressed by how the store was staged and decorated. It was filled to the brim but everything was easy to see and examine. The owner, Deborah, emailed me with a link to their Facebook page. An official website with online shopping is in the works so stay tuned!




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  1. S_Shaw / Mar 25 2011 4:47 PM

    I got a first edition New York Times Cookbook edited by Craig Claiborne! Not super rare, as it turns out, but in great shape and sure to be abused by… ME! So awesome to see your photos from our shopping spree. I feel like I walked by all these amazing finds, which is why we need to shop together more!

    • clinerose / Mar 25 2011 6:38 PM

      Thanks Sher!! Yes, let’s plan a Boston trip!

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