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March 28, 2011 / clinerose

I’m thinking of my bed today. It must be Monday.

I have been obsessed with Dwell Studio’s Draper Stripe bedding for some time now. Did you now that this pattern was inspired by THE Dorothy Draper? It’s like it was meant for me! I first fell in love the ash color way with the yellow flange but now I can’t get enough of the red and gray version. I’m not typically even a fan of red but this is such a pretty shade – they call it poppy. And the introduction of gray really cools things off.

Dwellstudio bedding Draper in poppy

Here’s my problem. My headboard couldn’t be further from ANYTHING that would go with these colors. I inherited the headboards from my grandparents about two years ago but haven’t been able to use them until we moved into the new house. They are two twin size headboards that we combined to make one big headboard for our king bed. When I got them, the headboards were slipcovered in a pretty awful fabric. Sorry Nan.

Slipcover on headboards in browns, oranges and yellows

I had every intention of reupholstering them in a solid texture, adding nail heads, the whole nine, until I realized that UNDER the slipcover was a large scale floral print in deep blues and greens, that depsite it’s age was still in good shape. And now I can’t seem to part with it! I’m way too sentimental when it comes to these things. Did I mention my grandparents made the headboards? Handmade family heirlooms. Gotta love that.

Blue and green floral headboard

Even though this breaks my cardinal rule for design (larger upholstered pieces should be neutral), I can’t get up the nerve to reupholster the headboards. So, I’m stuck with this. For a little longer at least. Or maybe, just maybe, Dwell Studio will come out with a green and blue version of my beloved Draper Stripe?! In a perfect world.

Nothing like talking about bedding to get you motivated for the week ahead! I’m already looking forward to a date with my bed later tonight, even with all my dumb plain white linens…so boring.


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