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April 6, 2011 / clinerose

Treasuring Hunting in Bethesda, MD.

I have a laundry list of random accessories that I need to find to finish off client projects. It’s easy to put this kind of thing off since it takes so much time and energy, but I promised myself (and my clients) I would get busy. So, off I went to Bethesda, MD, during a torrential downpour,  to rummage through a few thirft and antique stores. I certainly put my new Michael Kors trench coat to good use! Did I mention it has a hood? It was a real lifesaver.

First stop, Capital Consignment on Cordell Ave. Well, no, first stop was to find the biggest cup of coffee I could get my hands on and then it was off to Capital Consignment. When speaking with the owner Judith, I learned that the shop is frequented by local design big wigs and that the Today Show is filming a segment on her shop next week. Be sure to tune in. Here are some goodies I found for a clients living room:

Capital Consignment Asian Artwork 2 Capital Consigment Asian artwork

Capital Consignment pillows

Capital Consignment Mirror Small little Bergere chair from Capital Consignment

After a few loops at Capital Consignment, I schlepped on over to Gallery St.Elmo which is a block away on St. Elmo Street. I would say that this shop is a bit more feminine based on the furniture and accessoires they carried which, for me, is a good thing. Take a look at the pieces I found for a few of my clients:

Black Nightstand from Gallery St. Elmo White bamboo chair from Gallery St. Elmo

Turquoise Birdcages from Gallery St. Elmo Pair of chairs from Gallery St. Elmo

I found a jewelry stand made of gold branches and 2 birds which was too adorable to pass up. Here it is on my dresser at home:

Bird jewelry stand from Gallery St. Elmo Bird jewelry stand from Gallery St. Elmo

Check out the cute burlap shopping bag. Although, truth be told, all these birds makes me think of the Portlandia skit Put A Bird On It. Birds Everywhere.

Gallery St. Elmo bag

Next, I trekked on over to Wisconsin Avenue to visit S&K Consignment Boutique. S&K Consignment Boutique is the kid-sister of Sloans and Kenyon Auctioneers which is located just a few doors down. Any pieces that don’t make it to auction are stored here and are for sale at great prices. There are lots of inspiring Asian pieces, artwork and knick-knacks to dig through. I was able to find some small occasional pieces for multiple clients. I also bought 2 white busts (siblings, I would imagine) and a bunch grapes for myself. Surprise, surprise.

Small little Asian table at S&K Small little Asian table at S&K

I don’t know where I am going to display my grapes or my busts so I staged them in my Living Room for you to see.

White busts from S&K Grapes from S&K

I was able to cross off about half the things I needed and I bought some treasures for myself along the way. Not too shabby. But the best thing is that I avoided parking tickets even though I didn’t put a dime in the meters. Success!


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