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April 11, 2011 / clinerose

Monty Beragon.

In case all my What I’m Working On Posts bore you to tears, I thought it would be fun to share little random snippets throughout the week of things that are on my mind. Things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with anything. Today it’s Mildred Pierce. Did everyone watch the finale last night on HBO? Well, in one scene, Monty Beragon, played by Guy Pearce, describes his rules of decorating (at which time David blurts out, “I smell a blog post”) when Mildred moves into the Pasadena house.

He  states:

I have a simple theory…whatever pertains to comfort, shoot for the works. Whatever pertains to show, be a little modest. People like you better if you aren’t so damned rich.

And continues with:

Take a lesson in interior decorating…A home isn’t meant to be a museum fulled with Picasso paintings or Oriental rugs…It’s meant to be furnished with things that matter.

So true, Monty. So true. There were two highlights of the show for me. The first being Monty/Guy Pearce. And it’s not just because of our similar outlook on home decor. It’s because I so wanted a happily ever after with him and Mildred (Spoiler Alert: that couldn’t be further from what actually happens. Yikes. I am still not over it). And the second is the set and costume design depicting life in the 1930s. Take a look at some stills of the productions design. Or just watch the show.

Photo courtesy of HBO.


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