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April 15, 2011 / clinerose

Books to Read.

I have a long list of reading material that continues to grow and accumulate right before my eyes. Decorate arrived yesterday, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t start it until I finished Undecorate (which truth be told I haven’t started). I like to read things in order of purchase. On top of those two, I ordered Handcrafted Modern after I read The City Sage’s review of it. That should be here any minute. Plus, I haven’t cracked the spine of Water for Elephants and I must get on that BEFORE the movie opens so I can get my Rob Pattinson on. I love reading books that are going to be movies. That’s my favorite kind of book. How’s that for a genre?

What to read, what to read

I haven’t even properly read the latest issue of Elle Decor or the premier issue of TradHome. I’ve just skimmed the pages. So, add those to the list too. For now, the hardbacks are waiting patiently on my coffee table (they don’t look half bad just as decor) and the others are on my nightstand waiting to be thumbed. I hope to find a few quiet moments during what should be a rather rainy weekend to get a jump start on my reading . A cup of Joe, pages and pages of interior design and Rob Pattinson. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

Photo credit: Mike Larson via La Dolce Vita


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