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April 21, 2011 / clinerose

It starts with a sketch.

When I was first introduced to Che of Portfolio Interior Design & Decorating, she had just updated her blog, sharing photos of the custom furniture piece she had designed. Che and I were taking the same online course, Blogging Your Way, and shared a few email conversations about life as a designer and a new blogger. We bonded quickly over a shared interest of the creative process. I knew right away that in addition to the end result of her design, I wanted to feature Che’s creative process. So, just how did this all come about? Well, like many things in design, it starts with a sketch:

sketch of serving pieces

Disclaimer: I’m sure before it got to this point, there were many revisions and scraped ideas. Loads of frustrations. But, hey, we are only highlighting the positive side the creative process. The end result is totally worth it. 

Here it is unfinished:

Server in raw state unfinished

And with the first coat of paint:

First coat of paint

The final product (such a cool shape):

Server finished in product list

And finally, on display:

Server on display with wall art  Server on display from the side

Excellent color choice, isn’t it? It’s the perfect shade of yellow. But want to know the coolest part? It’s available in any color under the sun. Just let Che know what you are looking for.  She can be reached via email at And for the record, I love how the entire room is staged in the last two photos. Love the wall art. Love the purple squares. Love the driftwood. Love the bag. Love the shoes. Love everything. Thanks for sharing, Che! You done good!

Photo credits: Portfolio Interior Design and Decorating


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  1. Suki / May 8 2011 3:21 PM

    I just followed the link from Che’s blog. This is my favorite piece too.

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