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April 25, 2011 / clinerose

Get to know Tyler Murray.

I am by no means a fashion expert, trend-setter or even particularly daring when it comes to my wardrobe. When presented with a tricky fashion situation (just when can you wear white?), I turn to my friend Tyler for advice.  Now, she’s the trend-setter. So, I have asked Tyler to share with you tips, fads and must-haves for all things fashion. She’ll be back next Monday with her first post (and every first Monday of the month) but for now, I’d like to introduce you to MY fashion guru, Tyler. The floor is yours. Ty. Take it away…

Tyler McKee Murray

I’m 5’7”. I like to joke around and laugh. I love puppies. And long walks on the beach… oh? It’s not that kind of bio? If I am going to listen to someone give me advice on Fashion, what to wear, and how to wear it; it’s a bit like getting into a relationship, right? And because you have several fashionistas to turn to for tips and advice, let me sell you on why I could be your girl.

I’m from the Northeast, let’s put it that way. I’ve lived in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. I think I was 10 when I asked for a mannequin for my birthday. I studied and received my degree in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing. I live in New York City now and have worked with designers Michael Kors, Reem Acra, and currently with the esteemed French Fashion House: Chloe.

I don’t take fashion too seriously; everything in life needs a little sense of humor. I’m a big believer in “you don’t know unless you try”, having personal style and fitting rooms. I think pretentious hipsters are oxymoronic, emphasis on moron. I love Rachel Zoe but, yes, she is too skinny for me, even when she was pregnant. And I wasn’t kidding about the puppies.

xx, Tyler

Photo credit: Laura Ashbrook Photography


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