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April 26, 2011 / clinerose

Camera Ready with Eddie Ross.

Eddie Ross was one of my favorites on Season 2 of Top Design on Bravo. What a great show. It really should still be on the air. Eddie stood out to me because of his ultra peppy and preppy nature. He just seemed like so much fun to be around. So, when the DC Design Center announced they were hosting Eddie Ross during Capital Design Days, I jumped at the chance to hear him speak. I really wanted to see if he was like his “character” on TV but more importantly, I wanted to hear his advice on how to make interiors camera ready. I mean, the guy has been an editor at House Beautiful and Martha Stewart Living. Come on. That’s big time. He knows a thing or two about well styled photos. So, I wanted to share with you the top 10 styling tips I learned from Eddie Ross. And in case you were wondering, yes, he really is that charming.

Eddie preparing the first look:

Eddie Ross at the WDC Design Center  Eddie Ross look one

Eddie created another look by swapping out the flowers and a few other accessories:

Eddie Ross styling

1. Liquor Trolley is a much better phrase for a Bar Cart. So much more distinguished, isn’t it?

2. Apply packaging tape along the back of pillow flanges to create a crisp edge. And the karate chop is out.

3. Mastering a perfectly tossed throw is not a simple task. It takes practice, people.

4. Don’t skimp on flowers. If you are going to do tulips, DO TULIPS.

5. Open windows and doors. So simple yet so inviting. This was one of my favorite tips.

6. Add life. When in doubt, add a pet or a kid to the photo.

7. Create moments by not shooting the entire room at once. Creating three smaller vignettes within one space is ideal.

8. Keep it simple. Eddie showed a photo that was taken during day, but the candles were lit on the table. Huh? It’s unnecessary and confusing. Which also ties into #9.

9. Tell a cohesive story. Eddie showed two photos to illustrate this point. The first being a kitchen shot showing fresh oranges in a bowl, sliced oranges on a cutting board and freshly squeezed OJ nearby in a pitcher. To show what not to do, Eddie also showed a photo of a kitchen (that was published, mind you) where berries and shrimp where being prepared on the SAME SURFACE. What the what?

10. Hire a good photographer. Real life does not translate into a great photograph so working with someone to help you appropriately stage and style the room goes a long way.

Photo credits: Eddie Ross, My Notting Hill and me.


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