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May 6, 2011 / clinerose

Just in (suit)case.

Remember last week when I mentioned that I was daydreaming about London?? Well, as luck would have it, that (day)dream just came true. David told me that he’s taking me to London for my birthday in June! So exciting! He let the secret slip early due to my overwhelming chatter about London while watching the Royal Wedding (and for hours days afterwards) and because he wasn’t sure what name is currently on my passport. Oh David. He’s the greatest.

London travel poster

I recently saw this weekender bag from Whyte House Monograms at one of the boutiques in the back of the DC Design House and I’m pretty sure I need it in my life. I think the circular monogram is so chic and it’s the perfect carry-on size. I’ll take the black one, please.

Weekender bag

I also think I’ll need this bag from Jess LC on my arm while walking the streets of London. In fact, I know I do. Wear it long and across the chest during the day, and cinch it up at night when hitting the town for drinks and dinner. Perfection.



Besides researching luggage and bags, I haven’t planned much else so I would love to hear your recommendations on what to do in and around London. I’ve never been. Suggestions please! Thanks so much! Joanna

Photo credits: Jet Set Modern, Whyte House Monograms and Jess LC.


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