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May 10, 2011 / clinerose

Backwards Books.

I often think bookcases can look unkempt and messy. Rows and rows of disheveled books, randomly throw in wherever there is space, with no order or organization. No thanks. Most of the books I have bought over the years have been left at beach house rentals and/or donated to Goodwill. I’m more of a magazine and coffee table book kind of girl. This couldn’t be farther from how my husband, David, has handled his books. David has managed to hold on to every book he has ever purchased, despite the less than mint condition many of them are in. Yes, he even has his old college text books (some stamped with “American University Library” on the side). So, to balance out my crazy OCD personality with David’s constantly growing book collection, we decided to turn our books backwards.

Upclose picture of books turned backwards  Blue cabinet with books turned backwardsBlue cabinet with books turned backwards  Detail of books turned backwards

We often get strange looks from people when they walk in and see the books turned around (we have not one but three built-in bookshelves so you really can’t help but notice). And, many people ask how we actually find books to which David casually responds, “We don’t need to find books. We have Kindles“.  To be honest, finding books is not as hard as you think. They are not DVDs after all. The covers are made of different colors and the books themselves have different overall heights and thicknesses. Even the exposed pages are varying shades of off-white. So, what do you think? Is the look worth the little extra effort??

Photo credits: In the Fun Lane and Apartment Therapy.



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  1. Paul and/or Jennifer Dare / May 10 2011 1:53 PM

    looks pretty, but terribly impractical. I need to find my books by title all the time. sometimes I think we think our homes need to look more like museums than homes. we’re scared of the ‘lived in’ look these days. (just my thoughts. like I said, looks cool. Also, just looks fake. You’re getting ready for a magazine photo shoot)

    • clinerose / May 10 2011 2:39 PM

      I think this look supports the “lived in” look – something that I am a big fan of. It’s monochromatic and soft – exactly the way I want my home to feel. The books serve more as a backdrop allowing the things we really love and cherish to shine and take center stage – family photos, things we collect, etc. Thanks for the comment, Paul and/or Jane.

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