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May 11, 2011 / clinerose

What I’m Working On: New room for an old client.

I met with former clients of mine this morning and although I don’t have a real design plan set, it’s fresh in my mind and I wanted to write about it. So a little back story: My clients and I worked together on their Sunroom about a year ago and now they are ready to proceed with their Family Room. Here are some before pictures. The only things that will be staying are the large TV ( just not in that built-in unit) and the Fireplace/wall of bricks. Everything else is outta here.


My plan of attack:

– Space planning. I want to play around with the layout of the room to ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck. My clients have requested comfortable seating for at least 6 (with more than one area to lounge) and a leather recliner. You’ll never guess who that is for.

– New upholstery pieces – a large sofa, maybe two or a sectional that fits better into the space and accent seating, including the leather recliner. Grrr. I hate that. Thankfully, I have found some manly recliners that don’t look disgusting over the years as this is a common request. I envision these as solid, neutral pieces.

– Replace wall to wall carpeting with a patterned carpet. The room is on a slab so it’s cold and carpet really is the best solution for warming things up. I think a pattern to mimic an area rug will look phenomenal.

– Address lighting needs. This is huge. They need help. Did you see how many lamps they are using?

– New TV console under a wall mounted TV. This is one area that concerns me. My clients have lived with that built-in for years – I think they said about 20 – so it’s going to be a big adjustment to have an empty wall there, no matter what I put back.

– Paint. I plan to use the same color (maybe a shade lighter or darker) than what we used in the Sunroom.

– Window treatments. My clients need something to block out the glare of the sun. I think I will use one of the two main inspiration fabrics we used in the Sunroom for the windows. Maybe the ikat? I loooove that one.

Cowtan and Tout Rapallo  Cowtan and Tout

Both the Sunroom and the Family room are off the Kitchen – all open to each other – so I plan to continue the same color palette from the Sunroom into the Family Room. The colors you see above will be more accent colors, layered on top of rich neutrals. I would also love to bring in the blue from the floral print on the right to contrast with all the reds from the Sunroom and the brick wall. First thing will be the floor plan and then I’m moving to the carpeting. We’re starting from the ground up on this one. I will be sure to keep you updated as I tweak this design and develop my ideas further.


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