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May 27, 2011 / clinerose

Hello, Lover.

Last fall, clients of mine visited the famed furniture/home trade show in Paris while vacationing in Europe (don’t ask how they got passes AND don’t ask how jealous I am). Having been to the exhibition before, they knew exactly what they were looking for, where to find it, and more importantly, how to get it back to the states. During that trip, my clients and I were communicating over email, discussing if and how certain items they found would fit into our design plan. At one point they stumbled upon this little beauty to use in their gallery and I am 99% positive I gasped when I opened the email attachment. Since they were already in the process of filling a container to ship to the United States, I asked them if they could squeeze in one more piece for me! They happily accepted. Finally, months later, my dresser has come home.

 Dresser from Paris used as a bar

Dresser from Paris used as a bar

For now, David and I put the dresser in our dining room to give us another surface space and bit more storage. I made sure we placed the dresser in a high trafficked area so it is easy to spot. Who am I to deny myself and my guests the right to swoon over this gorgeously fabulous French dresser?? Not me! I styled it as our bar for the time being and I rather quite like it. We have lots of great bar wear and serving pieces that David and I have collected over the years and that were given to us as wedding gifts. I am hoping this will help deter David from his “let’s make our vintage, light up building letter N into a bar” phase that he has going on.

Photo Credit: My talented husband, David. See, I told you he is way better with the camera! Photography is the ONE class I almost didn’t pass in college…



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  1. S_Shaw / May 27 2011 12:35 PM

    you guys have the best taste!


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