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May 27, 2011 / clinerose

The gloves are off.

Or in this case, the braces. The braces are off, kids. Yup, this weekend my sweet nephew Colin is celebrating his 9th birthday sans a mouth full of braces. Colin’s birthday feast will consist of super chewy, tacky and crunchy foods that 4 out of 4 Orthodontists (and Dentists, I’m sure) disapprove of. Can’t wait.

Colin's Birthday candy apples gum balls saltwater taffy and gum drops

Did you ever have braces as a kid? I had them going into High School. Thanks, Mom. Before braces I had all kinds of crazy retainers and appliances and used to rock this hot pink hat that read Heavy Metal like it was cool or something. What a loser. I’m embarrassed for myself. But what I remember more about having braces, is how great it felt when those b*tches finally came off. Which is why tomorrow will be an extra, extra special celebration for my nephew (and me) and one heck of a party.

Photo credits: Gum Balls: Hearts Aflutter, Salt Water Taffy: The Mindful Tourist, Gum Drops: 3 BP and Candy Apples: Back in the Kitchen.



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  1. Anna / May 28 2011 8:06 PM

    I definately remember counting down to the day they would come off! And I remember that my teeth felt all slimy and too smooth when all that hard metal was gone. A party with chewy food sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate!

    • clinerose / May 31 2011 10:38 AM

      Thanks Anna! I hope you had a lovely weekend and celebrated something special too!

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