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June 13, 2011 / clinerose


While David and I were in London, we stumbled into Harrod’s department store to do some shopping and pick up last-minute souvenirs. Much to my surprise, Vera Wang was visiting Harrod’s to promote her latest fragrance: Lovestruck. Along with Vera was the face of the fragrance: Leighton Meester. Are you kidding me? I was in heaven. Total heaven. I immediately bought a bottle and contemplated standing in line to have both ladies sign my own personal Lovestruck. I decided against it once I saw this crazed teenager bawling her eyes out on her mother’s shoulder, while wearing a “TEAM BLAIR” t-shirt and a bright red headband. I honestly wasn’t sure if this poor girl was just a major fan of Leighton’s and this was some sort of dream come true, or she was Blair Waldorf-ed right out of the building for wearing that ridiculous ensemble. Either way, I figured I’d sit this one out.

Vera Wang and Leighton Meester Lovestruck Harrod's London

Here are some pictures David took of the magical event. If you look realllllly close you can see Ms. Wang and Ms. Meester sitting down together. You have to use your imagination.

Leighton and Vera at Harrod's

Leighton Meester at Harrod's

Lovestruck photo

And finally, the commercial for Lovestruck starring Leighton and a very handsome gentleman who just can’t seem to get to her fast enough. Reminiscent of the final scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere climbs the fire escape, wouldn’t you agree? And doesn’t Leighton look killer in that couture Vera Wang dress??

David says Lovestruck smells like “bubble gum and oranges” but Vera Wang describes it as a “sparkling addictive floral” (which it absolutely is). You can read more about the fragrance here on Vera’s blog.

Lovestruck is available for purchase exclusively at Harrod’s

Photo Credits: Jonathon Short, AP and David Abizaid


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  1. Christina Han / Jun 13 2011 11:50 AM

    Um…OMG. Need I say more?? I can’t believe you saw Blair Waldorf!!! I’m green right now with absolute envy. I want to hear more about your trip – we still on for this week??

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