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June 15, 2011 / clinerose

What I’m Working On: Extreme Home Makeover

Since the second I walked through my front door on Friday, I have been really frustrated with many things in my house. Not the way you want to be greeted after being gone for 10 days. Does that ever happen to you? Everything just seems old and dirty. So, I decided that I am going to fix the things that are bothering me, starting with my coffee table.

Green coffee table

Remember this old beauty? I wrote about it here. Well the time has come to paint it. The green has lost its appeal. The honeymoon is over. It is now going to look a little something like this. Something a tad more sophisticated:

Slate blue/gray coffee table with gold highlight

My goodness I love that gold along the edges. And the gray color reminds me a lot of the accent wall in Mary McDonald’s office (as seen on Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo). I tweeted Ms. McDonald and asked if she would share the paint color she used, but in true Mary form it’s a custom, hand-mixed color.

I will be sure to show you progress and after shots!

Photo credits: ME and The Zhuzh Blog


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