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June 20, 2011 / clinerose

Accessorizing a Bar.

Client’s of mine have asked me to “make over” a large buffet that sits in a small room/hallway off of the kitchen. I thought it would make a great bar area since it’s so close to the kitchen and is already equipped with a wine refrigerator. Today, I plan to scout out the room and the buffet (and the shutters that were just installed!) to see what other pieces of barware are needed, along with any other accessories in general.

Bar inspriation  close up of bar in tray

I also plan to spend some time this evening scouring the sale shelves of Potterybarn and Home Goods to fill in any missing pieces. I know I need to find a tray or two to hold all the glasses and bottles. Random items always look better when they are sitting IN something like a tray or basket. I will also be making a trip to Whole Foods for some tonic water, fresh flowers and lemons to add life and color to the bar. I am going to try to document this entire experience – let me emphasize try – so I can share with you the befores and afters as well as photos of the process of how I accessorized my clients bar. So stay tuned!

Photo credits: The Way We Are  and The Pursuit Aesthetic.


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