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July 12, 2011 / clinerose

Demin Shirts + Happy Skirts

I’ve been thinking a lot about my denim shirt lately. I think part of it is from Tyler’s post last week when she mentioned her denim shirt “never fails“. And I think the other half of it is that I forgot to pack mine when I went to Tahoe and it was extremely missed. Either way, I could have used Tyler’s packing tips BEFORE I left.

Pretty Stuff Tumblr denim shirt and mustard skirt  Karla's closet denim shirt and white and green skirt

street fsn denim shirt and yellow skirt

I purchased my denim shirt from J.Crew last fall and wore it all season along. I love the structure of a classic button-up but the denim makes the shirt so relaxed and effortless. It also reminds me of out west so you know I like it. I haven’t worn it much this summer, but I love the look of a denim shirt tucked into a flowy, happy skirt, much like these ladies above. I am obsessed with the yellow options. What a pretty combination. I would love to get my hands on this puppy that I spotted on Bachman’s Sparrow (it’s a mustard skirt with a giant bow from Marui One) so I can rock my denim shirt once again. I am also quote smitten with this red number by Preen as seen on Matches. I could do without the price tag though.

Photo credits: Pretty Stuff, Karla’s Closet and Streetfsn


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