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July 13, 2011 / clinerose

What I’m Working On.

David Bowie quote

Remember when I said I owed you a What I’m Working On post? Since I skipped it about two weeks ago? Well, good news, here it is:

The last year of my life has been full of changes. Good changes, but changes nonetheless. In the last 12 months, I’ve purchased a home, tied the knot, separated from my business partner and started this blog. Most of the time, I love the craziness. I’m the kind of person that likes to be busy. I thrive on it. I think I work better under pressure. But other times, like over the last few weeks, things get a little tricky and the pressure becomes more of an anxiety than a motivator. But then I see quotes like this, I can’t help but smile and think trust everything is going to turn out just fine. And it will. It always does.

There is another quote that is similar to this one that I love just as much, if not more. It’s on display at the “little house” in Bridgeport and I always grin when I see it. It’s an old black and white Victorian drawing of a cricket (wearing a top hat and 3 piece suit, I believe) walking up the leg of a woman. You can only see her shoe and the bottom of her skirt pulled up showing her shin (pretty scandalous for its time). Above the cricket and the exposed leg reads “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way“.  And that’s where I am. That’s what I’m working on: finding my way. I don’t know exactly where I’m headed, but I’m definitely on my way.

Photo credits: Sugar Snap


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