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July 26, 2011 / clinerose

Breakfast with Gretchen Bellinger.

This morning I was invited to attend a breakfast hosted by the textile queen, Gretchen Bellinger, at the Blue Duck Tavern for up and coming local designers (Don’t be fooled. My fabric rep. was just trying to get me to come by flattering me). The first part of the morning was spent viewing Gretchen’s complete fabric line, and hearing amusing stories about the inspiration behind each fabric from Gretchen herself. Who, by the way, is just delightful.

Breakfast with Gretchen Bellinger menu

After the presentation, the group (made up of about 9 or 10 designers) gathered ’round a long rectangular table to swap stories, get to know each other and devour amazing breakfast dishes. I had a crab meat omelet. Yum. The menu card is above (we had a choice of three entrees) and my place card is below attached to a random sampling of Gretchen’s fabrics.

 Breakfast with Gretchen Bellinger place card

During the presentation, Gretchen mentioned that her house in upstate NY was photographed for Elle Decor in 2008. So obviously, as soon as I got home, I pulled the November 2008  issue from my archives (thank you Tim) and flipped through the pages until I found the article on Gretchen Bellinger. It’s oldie but a goodie.

 November 2008 Elle magazine cover  Gretchen Bellinger

 Here are the photos of Gretchen’s home shown in Elle Decor, designed by Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman.

Gretchen Bellinger Elle Decor Living Room  Gretchen Bellinger Elle Decor Living Room

Gretchen Bellinger Elle Decor Hallway  Gretchen Bellinger Elle Decor Office

Elle Decor Gretchen Bellinger bedroom

Gretchen Bellinger Elle Decor Dining Room Study  Gretchen Bellinger Elle Decor Dining Room Study

I WANT that Dining room table.

Gretchen Bellinger’s fabric line is so gorgeous. Photos really don’t do it justice. The color palette is soft and neutral (with the exception of recent, fiery introductions and metallic sheers) but the textures are so exquisite. Hundreds of classic velvets, silks, cottons and linens that are just as lovely to the touch as they are to the eye. Timeless staples which are just as glamorous (if not more) then when line was first introduced in 1975. Ya heard right. 1975. Read more about Gretchen’s fabric line here.

Thanks to Gretchen Bellinger and her team for hosting such a lovely event. And I love my Gretchen Bellinger wrapping paper/party favor! Thank you. I can’t wait to use it.

Photo credits: Joshua McHugh via Elle Decor



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  1. Jessica / Jul 26 2011 3:01 PM

    Is Dave upset that you went with Ms. Fletcher?

    • clinerose / Jul 26 2011 4:05 PM

      Haha – it’s still on my business cards.

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