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August 4, 2011 / clinerose

Two weddings for the price of one.

When I start to work with a new client, I often recommend that they start pulling photos from magazines, the web, etc. of things that inspire and excite them. I find this to be extremely helpful (for the both of us) and a good way for me to see just what fuels their fire. So, naturally, when it came to planning my own wedding, I tackled it as I would any other project. I started with photos of what truly represented my style and the overall aesthetic I wanted the wedding to look and feel like.

The first wedding was sent to me by my best friend, Sarah. After planning her own extraordinary wedding, she knew the very best wedding resources and sent me links to some pretty amazing blogs. One of my favorite blogs during wedding planning season was that of Anna Kuperburg, a photographer out of San Francisco. The blog plays music though. Watch out. Anna’s work is stunning. And for a brief and delusional moment, I actually thought I could hire her to photograph our wedding. That was until I found out she charges about as much as our entire wedding costs. But hey, if I had a bigger budget there would be no question. And kudos to you if you can afford her. I’m jealous. Take a look at her work:

Viola and Phillip wedding Anna Kuperberg

Viola and Phillip Anna Kuperberg hair piece and bouquet

viola and phillip anna kuperberg napkin

viola and phillip anna kuperberg table and centerpieces

I love the color scheme of this wedding. David did, too. This is where the idea for the light blue accent came from. This wedding is a wonderful blend of earthy, natural elements with bright, happy colors. I knew right away that I wanted a similar feel. Later on in the wedding planning process, I was telling my sister about this wedding and showed her the photos I am showing you now. She quickly told me to check out the blog of the photographer she used for her wedding because she saw another wedding that showcased some of these same ideas. Boy, was she right. Enter Stephen Bobb’s blog:

Bouquets all in a row Bluemont wedding Stephen Bobb

Stephen Bobb bride and wedding bouquet

Bride and Groom Stephen Bobb

Stephen Bobb photo booth

  Stephen Bobb floral design and table numbers

I love this wedding for the same reasons as I do the wedding above (the natural elements and the bright colors) but this wedding really intrigued be because it wasn’t as polished. Many of the items had been collected or found and I loved the idea that everything looked old and used and treasured. I also love that there wasn’t a set color scheme of just 2 or 3 colors. Everything coordinated beautifully but wasn’t too matchy-matchy. This bride didn’t use a wedding planner (get it, girl) which motivated me to plan our wedding solo.

So there you have it, folks. The two weddings that were major contributors to the ideas and inspiration for our big day. It was a lot of fun researching these photos once more. A year later they are even more inspiring than I remember. Thanks for the help.

Photo credits: Anna Kuperberg and Stephen Bobb from Love Life Images. Click on the photographers links to see more photos of these weddings and also to learn about the vendor resources.


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