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August 11, 2011 / clinerose

Still coveting Nina Campbell’s Perroquet Wallpaper.

I’ve always loved Nina Campbell’s Perroquet Wallpaper. I’ve had this photo in my office for years, ever since the ad first came out. It’s so sweet and girly (so is the dessert spread) and something I would love to have in my house but could never convince David to sign off on.

Nina Campbell Perroquet Wallpaper

But lately I’ve been digging a slightly more edgy Perroquet. Here it is paired with black trim:

Nina Campbell wallpaper with black molding via Zinke Designs Fall 2011

And shown in the black colorway:

Nina Campbell Perroquet Wallpaper in black

Maybe David would let me get away with the black version? It’s manly enough, right?  It would be so darling in our bathroom. If that won’t work, I bet I could convince David to “okay” a wallpaper from my newest design crush: Katie Ridder. Just as sweet and slightly Mediterranean.  The wallpaper. Not David.

Photo credits: Nina CampbellEmily Anderson via Rue Magazine and Apartment Therapy.


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  1. Maria / Aug 11 2011 10:53 AM

    I need this in my house…somewhere…anywhere!

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