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September 9, 2011 / clinerose

If you’re going to San Francisco…

…be sure to wear your flowers in your hair layers and your Giants baseball hat.


A few years ago, David and I went to a San Francisco Giants game with his dad and an old family friend. Around the 3rd or 4th inning, David and I left our seats and went to get some food.  When we came back, David’s dad turned around and looked straight at David with this crazy blank stare. It was half a look of surprise, half totally freaked out. He just kept repeating,”Is there something you need to tell me? Is there something you need to tell me?”. And when David would ask for more details, David’s dad would just say, “I’ll tell you later”, with a little giggle. It became pretty clear that whatever it was he need to tell/ask David, couldn’t be said in front of me. That’s not awkward.

Turns out that while we were in line for garlic fries, David’s dad was watching the JumboTron and a proposal flashed across the screen: JOANNA, WILL YOU MARRY ME? LOVE, DAVID. David’s dad didn’t want to spoil anything if in fact David was trying to propose and we missed it (he wasn’t).And another part of him thought that we did see the screen, and I just said no (I didn’t). David’s dad didn’t tell him any of this until way later. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t see the JumboTron first, because I would have yelled out “YES” (and waited for a ring) and David would have been the one with the half surprised, half freaked out look on his face.

We haven’t been to a game since. Until now. David and I will be in San Francisco for the weekend with his parents and have tickets to the Giants vs. Dodgers game tomorrow night. I’m really looking forward to rocking my orange baseball hat, eating garlic fries and waiting for another pseudo-marriage proposal.

Photo credits: Pinterest


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