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September 23, 2011 / clinerose

Old news + Things that make me happy.

This morning I woke up super early for some crazy reason and in an effort to put myself back to sleep, I decided to read my blog. Great advertisement. Maybe that’s somethng I shouldn’t say out loud, especially to my readers. But anyway, even in my half-awake state, I noticed that my last few posts had something in common. Pretty much all photos from publications that I shared were from out-dated issues, or at least not the most current issue (Martha Stewart Living, Julie Bowen and Zooey Deschanel) AND I wrote the phrase, “makes me happy” like 7 times. Get a new catch phrase. Geez. So, I thought to finish off the week, I would continue with things that might be considered old news (mostly things I missed sharing with you last week) and all things that make me very happy. Doesn’t take much.

1.  Earlier this month, I was invited to the Crate and Barrel Fall Preview Show to scope out the new upholstery frames and fabric options for the upcoming season. I found some great accessories for client projects and a fabulous sofa for me. David and I have been talking about getting a new sofa, something we both could lay down on, for quite some time. The sofa that is currently in our living room is a hand-me down that I had in my old house before we were married. Because the Living Room also acts as our Foyer, we are limited with the number of seating options we can use. The best configuation, in my expert opinion, would be to have a sofa with a chaise lounge on one end. Enter the Klyne sofa. Husband tested, designer approved.

Crate and Barrel Klyne Sofa

2. I think our new sofa will go great with our new Missoni for Target pillows. Eeek!  I love these pillows. Talk about things that make me happy. To tell you the truth, the entire frenzy over the debut of the Missoni for Target collection made me incredibly happy. I loved talking to my girl friends about their experiences and what they bought, reading the angry posts on Twitter and Facebook about the Target website crashing and taking all my lovely Missoni items home with me. I ending up packing an extra suitcase for the plane ride home, full of nothing but brightly colored zig-zags. Here’s a tip: Next time there is something this hyped-up, go to Gardnerville, Nevada. The only other people in Target the morning of the launch were the employees and a tall, skinny blonde girl with big sunglasses who made me nervous. Serious competition.

Missoni for Target pillows

3. I typically don’t create design boards for my clients anymore. There is a lot of time and added expense that goes into it, and I find that the details of the design are constantly changing and evolving beyond the permanent display of each board. However, I am working with a new client and I had a feeling that a little design board could make a big impact.  So, I created a pseudo design board using a cork board and many, many thumbtacks. What do you think? My clients and I have to narrow down two more fabrics and swap out a lamp, but this is pretty much the concept.  I plan to create a separate blog post about the furniture and accessories for this room so stay tuned!

Design board for client project

4. Not even 24 hours after purchasing a piece of London transit artwork from Home Goods, the framers called to say the print we picked out in London (also relating to London transit) was ready for pick up. Just wait until I get my Royal Wedding print framed…No need to travel to London folks, just come on over to our house!

London Transporation Museam art

5. While we are on the subject, another art related idea that makes me very happy is a good old fashioned collage wall. I love mixing and matching frames and pictures of all different shapes and sizes to create one large accent wall. I always like to lay the design out on the floor and play around with the spacing and overall layout. Here is a photo of the accent wall I am creating for the O’Country Club (Quick update on the O’County Club: The majority of the furniture arrived yesterday and the window treatments and lighting are in. After photos coming soon!).

Collage wall art for O Country Club

My clients already had boat loads of memoriblia from Ireland and plenty of family pieces (mostly relating to their Irish heritage) so I just brought in a few extra photos to fill in the blanks. And you’ll never guess which photographer I turned to first! That’s right. David. I used some of his photos from our trip to Ireland a few years ago.

Boat from Ireland David Abziaid  Boat ropes from Ireland David Abziaid

Bray beach Ireland David Abziaid

Cliffs Aran Islands Ireland David Abizaid

So, this really backfired. Instead of reading my blog to zone out, I am now wide awake after posting pictures and writing this post for an hour.  Thanks a lot, blog. At least it makes me happy.

Photo credits: Me (Sorry for the poor quality. Most of these were all snapped on my phone) and David Abizaid.


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