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September 29, 2011 / clinerose

I’m dreaming of a white bed.

I love me a bright white bed. Crisp white sheets and fluffy feather duvets. Kind of like a hotel bed, except without that dumb little fabric strip at the foot of bed. You know what I’m talking about. Here’s my problem, though.  I live with 2 boys. And one of them is a furry, dirty, snuggly little dog named Gus Gus. I am constantly brushing out dog hair and leaves (that Gus’ tail brings in from outside) from the bed and I hate it. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Just train the dog to sleep on the floor. Yeah, go ahead and ask David about that one. Gus sleep on the FLOOR? Not happening. Heaven forbid. So, since I cannot have the white bed that I really want, I am sharing photos of three bedrooms that I truly covet.

White bed with newspaper

This one is a warm up. Just to drive the point home.

white bed with white walls

White bed with canopy and red accent pillow   Jenna Lyons bedroom navy walls and white bed

Jenna Lyons alert (photo above to the right). Stop being so cool, Jenna. Seriously.

White bed with blue striped pillow and black dog

I’m call BS on this photo. There is no way the owners of that black dog would ever allow him/her on that bed. No way, no how. At least my dog sheds white. Speaking of my dog…

This is my adorable little rascal who is sleeping UNDER the protective top sheet I put over our bedding to block out the filth. This is my life. I do need to get new sheets though because ours are (SURPRISE!) gross. I can’t spend a fortune since they will most likely only last a few months and they need to coordinate with my headboard so patterns are limited. I’m also a sleep princess so they need to be soft. Any recommendations? I saw last night in my online search that American Apparel is making sheets. That sounds amazing. Has anyone tried them? If they are anything like their t-shirts I imagine it would be like sleeping in a cloud. A clean, white cloud. Sigh.

Photo credits: ScrapbookDecorpad, Kara Mann via Cococozy, Domino, Tartanscot and Me.



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  1. Jessica / Sep 29 2011 11:26 AM

    Name that blue color on the wall- love it. Also, I love a white room- I want to paint the downstairs a crisp white now that the fish tank is gone.

    • clinerose / Sep 29 2011 11:46 AM

      In Jenna’s room? It’s chalkboard paint, actually. Can you believe it? SEE you know what it’s like to live with pets too – they prevent you from the white rooms you really want 😉


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