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October 12, 2011 / clinerose

DwellStudio furniture.

My top picks from DwellStudio‘s new furniture line. Retro meets super fly.

Barnett side table in parchment from Dwellstudio  Larkin Sofa from Dwellstudio

Ornate bed from DwellStudio  Hans chair from DwellStudio

Chester Sofa from DwellStudio  Milo table in travertine by DwellStudio

It’s no secret that DwellStudio is one of my favorite resources for bedding and pillows. I reference DwellStudio all over this blog. Be sure to check out the website if you aren’t too familiar. The kids and baby stuff is outrageously adorable. But I’m not quite in the market for that yet. So, at this very moment, I long for the Draper Stripe duvet (custom made in green and blue but whatever). I also long for DwellStudio to make grown-up shower curtains. There are shower curtains in the DwellStudio for Target line (which you’ve probably seen before), but I want the peacocks or something equally as glamorous. I want the real deal. I once tweeted Christiane Lemieux, the founder of DwellStudio, asking about shower curtains and she actually wrote back. How cool is that? I don’t care if it was some 20-something intern that was hired right out of college specifically to tweet responses to dumb people like me. It was fantastic to get an answer. Way to keep it real, Christiane.

Take a look at the entire line here.

Photo credits: DwellStudio


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  1. ckbpassion / Oct 12 2011 9:04 PM

    j – love Dwell as Well 🙂 this is a great coffee table and the other matching ones kinda remind me of a barbara barry ottomon/bench, in fact all these pieces have that flavor it me! This post got me dreaming during a dreary day at work -thanks!!

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