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November 21, 2011 / clinerose

House Beautiful: Get the look.

Have you seen the latest issue of House Beautiful? Mine came last week and I am really excited to sit down and really flip through the pages over the holiday break (2 and half more days!). It looks like a good one. When the issue arrived, I immediately noticed something special in the picture on the cover. Towards the back of the room, there is a GORGEOUS gold console table with white marble top. Can you see it? Just move that chair out of the way. It’s an over-the-top traditional piece mixed in with what is a pretty simple and natural room. Such a cool blend.

House Beautiful December 2011 cover

It reminded me that I just happen have a similar table stashed away in my storage unit. I’ve had it for years and it needs a good home. I would love to use it but never seem to have the right space for it. And so it sits in storage.

gold console table front

Gold console table side view

It does need a top. I often see finished scrap marble pieces with similar profiles at antique stores and markets. I also think the gold could be toned down just a bit.  An umber glaze to accentuate all the details would go a long way. But these 2 added expenses are nothing, considering I am selling the table base for just $40.00.

And if gold isn’t your thing, paint it bright orange.

If you would like to get the look (for less I would imagine) please email me. I am happy to send you measurements, additional photos and/or a Paypal invoice if you are interested.

Photo credits: House Beautiful (Sorry I couldn’t find a better picture. HB makes it nearly impossible to see what’s in the current issue) and Me.

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