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November 23, 2011 / clinerose

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I just realized that I probably should have reversed these last two posts. Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song would have gone much better with this photo and my post yesterday could have use some additional details. So, please excuse the random order here.

Oreo Turkey

Please refer to yesterday post. The first photo is from Martha Stewart (Martha, Martha, Martha! as Jan Brady would say 😉 ) and I created the table setting based on that. If I were hosting thanksgiving, I would want my table to look like that. Martha calls it “Golden Harvest” because of the layers of earth tones and metallics. But I also love that blue background. Really beautiful compliment to all the muted neutrals. To see the resources of the items I picked, please click the Polyvore link at the bottom.

And now, back to today’s post. That photo is just hilarious. It reminds me of Gonzo’s chickens from The Muppets which is fitting because I am dying to see the new movie. I heard my beloved Jason Segal was at a pre-screening of the flick in Georgetown last night. Sorry I missed that.

My plan for the next couple days is to eat and nap. Eat. Nap. Repeat. I wasn’t kidding when I said that yesterday (I eat that turkey and I take a nap). I hope you have plans to do the same. Eat. Nap. Catch up with friends and family. See The Muppets. Eat some more.

Happy Thanksgiving! See you Monday!

Photo credits: Cookies and Cups.


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