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December 15, 2011 / clinerose

DIY: Christmas Wreath via Martha Stewart.

I was scrolling through The Iconic Blog the other day and came across a post sharing DIY Christmas crafts via Martha Stewart. One picture in particular struck me as something totally doable. It was this photo:

Noble Fir and Eucalyptus Wreath via Martha Stewart

That Martha. She’s good. This is wreath is phenomenal. It’s made from noble fir branches, seeded eucalyptus leaves and varying sizes of silver ornaments. I knew instantly that I wanted to make my own. I had some cheap plastic silver ornaments that I bought a few years ago for vase fillers that aren’t big enough for the tree (and since they are plastic they aren’t very shiny). I also had a fake wreath (or so I thought) but somehow I misplaced it. It was nowhere to be found. David thinks I threw it away but I’m kind of a hoarder so I highly doubt that. Oh well. Off to Michael’s to find the rest of the supplies. I couldn’t find eucalyptus leaves, especially seeded ones, so I purchased a handful of olive branches (top right photo) instead. I also bought 2 branches of these gold berries (bottom left photo) to mimic the gold foliage in Martha’s wreath. I cheated. Don’t tell Martha. Oh and the wreathes are on sale for $1.99 so it’s not too late to make your own! And if you don’t have floral wire or wire cutters (bottom right photo) pick some up. You’re going to need those too.

1" silver ornaments   Olive branches from Michael's

Gold berries from Michael's   Wire cutters and floral wire from Michael's

Martha has a how-to on her website but this is what I did. I modified Martha’s instructions to work for me.

olive leaf branches in wreath before   olive leaf branches in wreath before

Step One: Cut the olive leaves off the stem. Hot glue the olive leaves in the wreath. To give that fading effect, I bunched more leaves toward the top and spaced them out as I went around and down the sides of the wreath.

Ornament silver

Step Two: Cut floral wire about 3″ long and thread it through the top of the ornaments. Bend in the middle. Shove it through the wreath like a bobby pin and secure in the back by twisting it like a  twisty tie. The wire I used was a thicker gauge which caused the edges to be sharp when cut by the wire cutter. So, after I twisted the ends to hold the ornament in place, I bent the ends back into the wreath so the edges weren’t exposed. Even though all of my ornaments are the same size, I wanted to get that fading effect that Martha created with her wreath. To achieve that, I grouped the ornaments closely together at the top and spread them out as I went around and down the sides. Just like the olive leaves.

Close up of the wreath

Step Three: Cut the gold berries sprigs off the stem. Hot glue the berry sprigs where there is any dead space. Again, I clumped the sprigs together at the top, and spread them out as I went around and down the sides, just like the ornaments and olives leaves.

Final product of DIY wreath

Step Four: Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

DIY Martha Stewart Christmas Wreath on Front Door.

Step Five: Make your neighbors jealous.

Photo credits: Martha Stewart and Me.



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  1. Your Sis / Dec 15 2011 10:00 AM

    Very cute. Can I place an order?

  2. Teresa / Dec 15 2011 10:19 AM

    Wow, that looks really good!I beleive I like yours better than Martha’s!


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