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August 1, 2011 / clinerose

Tyler Time: To be or not to bumble bee.

I love mixing and matching solid colors as much as the next fashonista but getting the right look can be tricky. With my personal attachment to solid color pairing, I frequently consider the chances that my look may be literally translated like a costume instead of a well thought out ensemble. So, I’m here today to show you some examples of how some more typical and seasonal color combinations can be seen as high fashion, not an insect or holiday…

1) As much as you may love your favorite orange blouse, don’t wear it with just your black pants or your neighbor might think you recently won Miss Halloween USA. Consider adding a 3rd color.  This girl brought in a splash of crisp blue to break up the traditional fall color scheme. Nicely done. 


Blue black and orange outfit color blocking


Orange and black witch costume

2) Let’s be real, pairing Kelly green with fire engine red is likely going to get people thinking Christmas so, choose various shades of these colors, like Army green and maroon. See how Marc Jacob’s pulled the look together?


Marc Jacobs Red and green color combo


3) Introduce a tonal print to represent a solid color. Instead of black pants and a yellow sweater (bzzz…), choosing pants that are black/grey print are the better choice. Perfectly showcased in my bumble bee example.




Blind Melon No Rain beegirl

4) Make one of the colors in questions an accent color. See how this gal paired a solid silhouette with bright red accessories? This could also work for a dressed down denim day. Just try to avoid the ultra patriotic look.


 blue dress with red accents


 captain america costume

Feel free to email any questions you have or photos of pairings that you have tried (both major successes and epic fails). I’d love to see how you pull together your own color combinations.



Photo credits: Chictopia, Atlantis Fancy Dress, Marc Jacobs via, This Next, Crazy World of JillyaceFin de Cinema,  The Embellishment and Atlantic Fancy Dress.


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