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August 30, 2011 / clinerose


Museum photo by David Abizaid

Last fall, David and I were wandering the streets of DC and stumbled upon a really cool building under construction. David immediately started snapping pictures of the exterior, while I turned to window shopping at an antique store across the street. A few minutes later, a guy popped out of the building and inquired about David and his camera. Upon learning David was harmless, the guy invited us inside for a tour of the new night club Museum. Well months later, the club never really got off the ground (and after meeting the crazy little man in charge I can’t say that I’m shocked) and now the property is being sold, according to DCist (who just so happened to use David’s photos in the article today). So, this post isn’t really about Museum or the crazy little man (although David and I have plenty of stories about our strange encounter if you want to hear them), it’s more about how proud I am of my David. He took some pretty good pics, wouldn’t you agree? He’s good, right? You might even remember this photo from my very first blog post. It’s my favorite. Please check out DCist’s article to read more and to see the rest of David’s photos!

Photo credit: David Abizaid



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  1. Christina / Aug 30 2011 3:13 PM

    I’m jealous, your husband is famous now! Seriously love his photographs 🙂

  2. Maria / Aug 30 2011 3:21 PM

    Way to go, David!! So neat…its about time someone put his photos out there!

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