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July 8, 2011 / clinerose

Unexpected Glamour.

When I came across this photo of the girl on the staircase (to the left), I was immediately drawn to her bright green skirt. I think the emerald color and the voluminous shape of her skirt propped in front of the old, run-down interior is so interesting. The aging space, splashed with rich jewel tones creates such a glamorous and surprisingly feminine aesthetic. It’s that same unexpected glamour that first attracted me to the photo of the sitting room (to the left) when I saw it on Pinterest a few weeks ago.

dariamirbach green flowy skirt with patterned wallpaper  Michael Eastman Cuba photo green walls and coral sofa

Upon researching the photo of the interior, I discovered the photographer behind this image is none other than Michael Eastman (a photographer you are probably more familiar with than you think). An image of Eastman’s was selected by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard (which he used on a much larger scale to cover the majority of Daisy Fuentes’ Living Room wall) on a recent episode of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators. Now, that’s delicious.

Photo credits: Dariamirbach and Michael Eastman.


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