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July 7, 2011 / clinerose

Baby’s Breath.

Earlier this week, my parents celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary. 42 years. Isn’t that impressive? As someone who has only been married 11 months, I’d say that’s a pretty significant achievement. Way to go, guys.

Rosie and Mike's wedding day 1969

When I was a younger, I remember my mom telling me that her wedding bouquet was made up of predominately Baby’s Breath. Baby’s Breath? Hmm. As a little girl, I just didn’t understand the appeal of these plain little blooms. My only exposure to Baby’s Breath (besides this photo) was seeing random sprigs stuck in with a bouquet of red roses at the grocery store around Valentine’s Day. But now, as a grown-up (well, kind of) I adore the look of Baby’s Breath and can understand why my mom was drawn to it when planning her wedding. It’s simplicity is so elegant and the color white, although understated, is romantic and youthful.

sw mag baby's breath bouquets

united with love babys breath bouquet  babys breath bouquet from above

Babys breath bouquet and old books

And just like my mom, who used blue flowers and semi-larger white blooms in her bouquet, I am also really drawn to Baby’s Breath paired with soft flowers and earthy greens that also possess the same simple and understated elegance. But let me be clear, I am still not a fan of baby’s breath mixed in with red roses from the grocery store.

Wedding bee baby's breath and ranunculus bouquet  wedding chicks babys breath bouquet

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Photo credits: Fletcher Family Archives via Tony Fletcher, Southern Weddings, Madalina Lesan via United With Love, Tabitha Emma, Wedding Bee and The Wedding Chicks.


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