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July 6, 2011 / clinerose

Tyler Time: An American Girl In Paris Part Deux

Day 3 – Work day; briefing with our Paris team on the new Summer 12 collection. I couldn’t dare let the cat out of the bag so, you will have to wait to see it in stores, but, trust me, you will want to keep See by Chloe on your list of brands to watch. See by Chloe Fall 2011 high waist wide leg trousers, Spring 2012 watercolor t-shirt, and Spring 2012 leather bow belt.

  Day three work day outfit

  Day 4 – Flight back home to NYC. Wilfred (my FAVORITE brand, most in Canada) low slung army pants, All Saints cropped mixed knit sweater, Michael Kors sandals. You will notice there is no picture for flying to Paris – it was a Michael Kors black jumpsuit, super comfy. Not a chance I was snapping that face though; overnight flight so, sans make-up and drugged up for an airplane snooze.

Day 4 Flight home

Okay, now for what and how to pack. I think the following helpful tips will make for a suitcase success on your upcoming travels…
Fold in a style that works for you. I highly recommend rolling, especially with cotton or linen pieces that will hold on to that crease, if folded, to their dying day. Also, with silk items, rolling will help to keep the effortless, flowing, un-wrinkled look (the reason you bought it in the first place). If it’s a long vacation I say pack a mini-steamer in case those wrinkles happen anyways. KEEP IN MIND though, rolling is a space saver and can lead to packing more so, you need to commit to the idea of rolling and save a little time at the end of the trip to roll for the way back. An overstuffed carry-on makes for angry fellow flyers in the aisle behind you as you try to get that bag overhead. Not the time to make enemies while boarding a flight.
– As far as what to pack – if space allows, pack an option or variation to each days outfit. I know how I am and there is the rare possibility that I will wake up in a bad mood (I know, crazy, right?). There is nothing worse than if you pack yourself down to the day with an outfit you are not in the mood to wear. So, if you have a skirt and blouse planned, maybe bring pants as an option. Or have a long sleeve option on days you packed something sleeveless (I frequently have the fat arm day – the worst). This way your option/trade out piece can be a classic staple. For instance, Day 1, I packed the beige embroidered shorts and a gorgeous red silk blouse but, after getting off an overnight flight, I switched to my denim shirt (never fails) and I was much more comfortable and relaxed.
– LAST BUT NOT LEAST – always remember to pack an easily folded tote so, on the way back, should the shopping have been bountiful, you can have another source to pack your new things! What is travel without bringing back a souvenir (i.e. a new piece to add to the wardrobe, not an Eiffel Tower paper weight).
Photo Credits: Tyler McKee Murray


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  1. clinerose / Jul 6 2011 4:30 PM

    I honestly never thought of packing just one alternate piece for an outfit. It’s so simple! I always pack an entirely new outfit, because I like options too, but I end up with a suitcase full of unnecessary items that don’t even go together. Great tip, Ty.


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