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October 18, 2011 / clinerose

What I’m Working On: The unmellow yellow loft.

Today, I am in the studio putting the final touches on the design presentation for my newest client, Chris. Currently, her home is beige. She has requested that it be gray. Simply put. My plan is to “loft up” the traditional layout and architectural details of her home and “unyellow” the color scheme.

Criaza Branch project color scheme inspriation

I saw this ad in the latest issue of Elle Decor. I instantly thought this would be a great example of what I would like to achieve at my clients home and dog-eared it to show her. A few days later, a received an email from Chris suggesting I take a look at this spread for the same reason. Success! Great minds really do think alike. I love when my clients and I are on the same page.

My client, Chris, recently started a blog documenting her home make-over and all things that inspire her. She wrote the nicest post about little old me (thank you again, Chris!) and I couldn’t be more flattered. Check it out.

Photo credits: Me.



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